Ark Technologies Group, a Trusted Crypto Software Company

In the year 2020, Ark Technologies was founded by a group of software technology professionals. Utilizing legacy technology principles developed for large banks and hedge funds. Ark's team of developers built a successful cryptocurrency-specific platform. The AI software provides a layer of safety to traders by automatically detecting and correcting errors, resulting in higher profits in volatile markets.

Ark's scalable solutions can help you leverage AI technology to accelerate your monthly trading profits. A machine learning system provides results that are market-leading, and is nearly infinitely scalable.

The purpose of our software is to reduce the risk associated with trading in the crypto marketspace. ARK trading software is designed to evaluate vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and execute informed trading strategies with lightning-quick speed and accuracy. Ark API key software works with B2C, B2B and enterprise users. Ark ensures that investing in the cryptocurrency markets is accessible, and profitable for every user.

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Our Process To Market Leading Results

What We Do for You

  • 1

    Create your ARK account and login

  • 2

    Select a time for our licensed technical analysts to onboard the ARK API to your exchange account

  • 3

    Onboard via our white glove service (45 minutes)

What You Do

  • 1

    Select the trading pairs of your choosing

  • 2

    Watch ARK perform on our front end login, or your personal trading account

  • 3

    Pay your monthly invoice

  • 4

    Share your experiences with your networks

How Does Ark Work?

Ark works by being granted permission to access a users exchange account via a secure API key setup. This allows Ark to function within the parameters that you set, as a secure, high-frequency plugin trading software.

Are My Funds Safe?

Yes. The client grants Ark permission to only perform trading. Ark cannot perform any other task.

Do I Have Full Control Over My Account?

Absolutely. The client may alter a trading pair on their exchange account, terminate the trading pair(s), or withdraw their funds at any time. The client is in complete control over their funds.

How Does Ark Make Profit?

Ark invoices 20% of all monthly audited account gains. We invoice our clients, as we have no control over their accounts or funds. We conveniently provide multiple payment methods.

Is A Profit Guaranteed?

While the use of Ark is encouraged over the "HODL" method, nothing is guaranteed. However, your asset value will fluctuate while sitting on an exchange or in cold storage. Ark's impressive AI software will work diligently to recover any losses your portfolio may have suffered due to ever-changing markets. Ark can help you statistically recover from a loss quicker. We archive every single trade and are happy to share our irrefutable results.

Where Do I See My Monthly Profit?

Ark automatically allocates profits in a stablecoin of your choosing. We encourage USDC/USDT for its global interoperability. Monthly profits are available on your private exchange account and linked client dashboard.

Does Size Matter?

Well that is a personal question, but to Ark it does ! The larger the portfolio size, the larger the monthly returns will be. We typically see high monthly returns with quant pairs of $5,000.00 or larger in size.

What is a Quant Pair?

A quant pair is a marriage between a stablecoin, and an alt coin. The client purchases an alt coin with $5,000 + of stablecoins.  This pair has a  high and low range; the larger the dollar amount, the greater the range Ark can use to buy and sell. This is similar to having more "purchasing power" so that you stand to make a higher profit. The average client has multiple trading pairs, with larger sum values in each, thus resulting in greater monthly returns. 

How Do I Know Which Altcoins Are Profitable?

Ark has a team of licensed technical analysts who only follow reputable, long-term sustainable crypto projects. This team has a combined 30 + years of trading expertise, and will only guide our clients to projects that have been rigorously examined and researched. Have a chat with our team and see for yourself.

This is intriguing ! How Do I Sign Up?

Please email [email protected], which is on our contact page. Please send us your availability so we can answer any questions you may have. We offer client-specific onboarding services and provide weekly market insights.

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